Japan’s First Crowdfunding Campaign for the Launch of Ninja Online Academy Introducing the NINDO Ambassador Program Simultaneously

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Updated 2021/03/31

To promote the real Ninja Arts and Culture, Japan Ninja Council is planning to launch the first world-wide crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter this April for the first Ninja online academy in Ninja’s history

NINDO is a Ninja Academy initiated by the Japan Ninja Council to preserve the traditions of arts and culture of Ninja.

We are looking for a Ninja candidate who can inherit the arts and culture of Ninja and promote real Ninja to the world.

This unique opportunity will not only allow the person to learn about traditional Ninja’s skills but also work as an honored “Nindo Ambassador” at Japan Ninja Council in Tokyo.

The successful candidate will be able to live in Japan for at least 1 year if he/she is selected as an Ambassador. 


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Japan Ninja Council Press Release 31 March