“NINJA Information Center Tokyo&Dojo” OPEN! 

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Updated 2021/06/23
"NINJA Information Center Tokyo&Dojo", the first official base of the Japan Ninja Council in Tokyo, It will be opened in Kaminarimon, Asakusa on 4th July! 
The center will be operated by JNC Enterprise Co., Ltd. in cooperation with the Japan Ninja Council, and will offer ninja experiences and ninja information in Asakusa, where many tourists visit, as well as a gateway to other ninja villages around Japan. The center will also serve as a gateway to connect ninja villages throughout Japan, and promote the understanding and culture of the ninja, a unique Japanese content, to inbound visitors. 
Features of the NINJA Information Center Tokyo & Dojo 
(1) Meet the "real" ninja! 
You will be able to meet real ninjas who appear on the NINDO CHANNEL ( provided by the Japan Ninja Council. 
You need to make a reservation in advance. 
(2) You can experience the "real thing"! 
You can experience ninjutsu by real ninjas, such as shuriken. 
Advance booking is required. 
(3) Exhibition of ninja tools and connection with ninja-related areas all over Japan! 
The exhibition of ninja tools, which have been handed down from ancient times, and the sale of ninja goods at ninja facilities throughout Japan will serve as a gateway for visitors to these facilities. 
Opening hours:11:00~18:00 
Official website: