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JAPAN NINJA COUNCIL is the world’s only official organization composed of groups including municipalities, organized with the aim to spread the culture of the Japanese Ninja, something that has long been veiled in mystery. Looking ahead to the year 2020, various groups have come together to form the council under the nationwide network of local governments, universities, tourism associations, private organizations and business institutions. The council is designed to promote tourism, culture, and to contribute to the local economy through the Ninja, sparing no effort in researching, collecting and offering the information on Ninja to others.
  • Jinichi Kawakami (Consultant)

    Initiated into Banke Shinobi no Den of Kokaryu Ninjutsu from the age of 6. The honorary curator of the “Ninja Museum of Igaryu” in Iga city, Mie Prefecture. Consultant for Japan Ninja Council since 2015. He is the most influential person who has a leading role on the subject “Ninja” in Japan.

  • Yuji Yamada (Consultant)

    Professor of Humanities at Mie University. As the leading figure in ninja academic research, he is the person who started the ninja boom. His main books include “Ninja History” and “The Ninja Was Amazing”. He has been appointed as an advisor since 2015. Appointed advisor since 2015.

  • Michifumi Isoda (Consultant)

    Japanese historian. He has excavated materials about ninja nationwide, mainly in Koka. His main books include “Samurai Household Account Book”. Leader of the Koka Ninja Survey Team. Became advisor since 2017.