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Updated 2017/03/2

The Japan Ninja Council( defines "Ninja" as a cultural heritage unique to Japan, looking ahead to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, we have been promoting and raising awareness of the Ninja as a brand for "Cool Japan", "Tourism Resources" and "Cultural Exchange", both domestically and internationally.
In order to promote these activities, the Japan Ninja Council has established the "NINJA NIPPON PROJECT" with the aim to specifically promote the “Dissemination of Japanese Culture” and “Regional Tourism Development” domestically and internationally through Ninja.
The outline and overview of the NINJA NIPPON PROJECT has been decided as such. Our main pillars for the project will be: "Ninja Tourism" to revitalize the regional economy as well as to increase inbound consumption through Ninja, and also "Ninja Official Business Measures" to develop official Ninja content business with companies and organizations. Some measures such as the timing of implementation may not be finalized at this point, however,


 List of NINJA NIPPON PROJECT measures

≪Ninja Tourism≫

Developing Ninja Tourism

Collaboration with Official Corporations

Establishing the Ninja Academy

≪Ninja Official Business Measures≫

Launching the Japan Ninja Council Official Merchandise「NINJA SYURIKEN ORIGAMI」

Establishing the Ninja Museum

Joint promotion for the movie “Shinobi no Kuni”


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