“NINJA SYURIKEN ORIGAMI” online purchase from February 22nd (Wed)!

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Updated 2017/03/3

The first official merchandise of the Japan Ninja Council, Origami specifically to make Syuriken, the "NINJA SYURIKEN ORIGAMI", will be available for online purchase from February 22nd (Wed), on “Ninja Day”.
This product, combines the weapon of "Syuriken" which is said to have been used by the Ninja since ancient times and “Origami”, a toy from the old times which also can be used as a gift with prayers, is a communication tool to convey a special message that cannot be expressed through modern technology such as SNS.
In Japan, there is a sense of psychological communication such as "pathos" and "force". With the "NINJA SYURIKEN ORIGAMI", one can fold in one’s prayer in a piece of paper and through the act of symbolizing the thought, one can also experience the communication rooted in Japanese history as well as to feel the Japanese delicate spirit that still exists today.
The concept video and how to use "NINJYA SYURIKEN ORIGAMI" is available on the official YouTube channel of the Japan Ninja Council.
The "NINJYA SYURIKEN ORIGAMI" is available for 450 yen (excluding tax). Everyone can order from the Amazon merchant page. For a detailed product overview, please check on the Amazon page. The outline of "NINJA SYURIKEN ORIGAMI" is as follows.


【Launching overview of NINJA SYURIKEN ORIGAMI】



【Launch Date】 February 22nd (Wed), 2017 

【Price】    450yen(Tax excluded)

【Sales Channel】Online purchase through Amazon


【Sales Agency】MIME Co.,Ltd.

【Movie】『Art of NINJA


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